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Hi I recently had a trans-abdominal and trans-vaginal ultrasounds. These were ordered by my GYN after I called the office to say that my Mom had been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and that I wanted that information put into my record.
I am 54 have been post-menopause 4 years.  I am not having any pain or problems, no bleeding, no discharge never taken Hormone Replacement meds - I am totally fine.
I accessed my test results through my patient portal at the hospital.  The endometrial thickness is stated as 1.5 in (meaning inches?) which is equal to 38.1 mm. I have researched the Internet and the highest number that has ever been mentioned for a postmenopausal woman not on HRT was 20 mm.  That number came up only once, the rest of the time the numbers are 8 mm or less.  38.1 sounds very high... and I am not having any problems.  All of the rest of the measurements are metric.  Does the number appear high or off in some way to you?
Thank You

Hello, Debra.

Yes, this does sound like a mistake. It may be a typo. 1.5 cm would be more like it. And typos on radiology reports do happen, despite all the proofreading. Usually there is an "Impression" or "Conclusion" statement which summarizes the report. If yours says "Negative" or "Normal", then don't worry.

It might just be that the transcriptionist made a mistake or didn't hear the dictation clearly. I recommend you contact the radiologist who read the report to verify your endometrial thickness. Or, you could ask for a second opinion from another radiologist.

Hope this helps,


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