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Hello...I would like to know if Polcythemia Vera a blood disorder can be seen on a CT Scan.My report has a list of findings confirmed on it. Are these what the Radiologist would say they see, what the checking for, or what I listed as being diagnosed with already ? I can't get a direct answer here. Radiology Dept.say it is confirmation of what they saw on the scan, Dr.s office saying its what they told them they wanted me checked for, and I don't have any of the problems listed on the report. I pushed to have the CT done because I have enlarged lymph nodes and have had several CBC w/manual diff Lab reports showing abnormal and rare cells in my blood.So I would like to know if what the Radiologist lists on a report is actually what they see.
Thank You and Have a Blessed Day....

Hello, Ange.

To answer one of your questions, yes, the radiologist dictates his/her impression of what (s)he sees on the images. A radiology report can be full of equivocating language like "it may be" or "it appears like" and "does not rule out". So radiology reports can sometimes seem vague.

As for your other questions about Polycythemia Vera, I cannot help you. I am not a physician; I am just the photographer, so am not qualified to diagnose disease.

I encourage you get a second opinion from another doctor if you aren't happy with what your current doctor tells you. Honestly, a physician needs more than one radiology report to diagnose disease. Doctors need the whole picture (blood work, vital signs, other imaging results, etc.) to formulate a diagnosis. So no one online will be able to diagnose you without complete access to the results from all your tests.

Hope this helps a little,


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