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Hello! I am a 31 year old female with a history of hodgkins lymphoma. last november i went to the doctor with shoulder pain. an xray discovered an irregular portion of my collarbone. about midcollarbone, it showed a crescent shape missing. the weird thing is that when i feel the area, there is a hard lump in the middle of the crescent. this did not show on the xray. i had a ct scan and the radiologist read the area as a "benign appearing cortical contour irregularity" and further stated there were no concerning lesions. thats good, obviously! but i cant shake what the bump in the middle is. why didnt it show on the xray? is there a chance it didnt show on the ct also? i would appreciate any insights! thank you!


bump may not be seen on the  X-ray but it would have been seen on the CT.  perhaps the irregularity that is described on the CT is the bump that you feel.  Does it feel like hard when you run your fingers over the collar bone through the bump?  



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