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Radiology/CT Scan Results - Advice needed


Hi Dr,

I've recently been diagnosed with Cholesteatoma.
Just got my CT Scan - Temporal bone (Non contrast) report today to look at.

The radiologist explains their findings(s) for my left and right ear. (Left ear has the Cholesteatoma)

Then the radiologist has put: "Soft tissue within the postnasal space, likely adenoidal remnant"

My consultant never mentioned this to me just about the Cholesteatoma. So I assume it is fine. Just was a bit concerned as the radiologist put "likely" which is not a conclusive finding.

Your thoughts?

Kind regards


yes some adenoidal tissue in postnasal space which is properly called nasopharynx is fine.  Radiologists usually put words like likely, probably, most likely, consistent with  because the only thing we see are grey scale pictures and often have to rely on probabilities.  In this case I would agree that from the description, the finding is likely adenoidal tissue.
Sorry it took me a while to answer your question.



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