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December 2015 MRI
December 2015 MRI  

December 2015 MRI
December 2015 MRI  
I see my doctor on Jan 22, 2016, but I am very worried and curious about my results.  I have already had 4 back surgeries and I don't want to do anymore.  I done lots of injections and physical therapy with no help.  I had a mini lamanectomy 2 spinal fusions and a posterior rod put in.  From what my result say, am I headed for another surgery? or can something else be done

Hello Dawn
Unfortunately MRI results do not necessarily predict further medical management. Especially when there were many previous surgeries. Unless there is severe stenosis at a particular level which you don't have. Back pain is a very complex issue and in fact this is the most common question I get on this site. Sometimes what we see on images doesn't correlate with where the symptoms are or the cause of pain. It is very important that a very careful clinical exam is done to make sure that anything abnormal we see on images actually correlates with symptoms.  Sometimes there is no good answer and that is very frustrating to patients with chronic back pain when nothing really helps. I hope this answer helps somewhat even though I didn't give you an answer you were looking for.


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