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I hope you can help - I had an Upper Abdominal US in March of last year after which I was told all was fine. I have not seen a report from that appointment.

Yesterday I had the same procedure in a different clinic which I was again told all was fine, but the sonographer had noted two small gallbladder polyps (largest 3.5mm)and a kidney angiomyolipoma. She said neither were anything to worry about but that if I wanted to come back for a repeat scan in the future to monitor them, I could.

Now I am really concerned as to why these things have appeared? Would they not have been there last year in March? COUld these things have appeared within the last ten months and if so, is that worrisome? During that time, and during the US in March 2015, I was pregnant (five months at the time) and have since had my baby (obviously!) but not sure if that would have any effect/influence on what a scan could see?

Many thanks for your time x


Angiomyolipoma was probably there but was either not looked at since some protocols do not evaluate the kidney necessarily or perhaps was smaller and not well visible.  Your pregnancy probably didn't effect it.  It would only affect how the kidney was visualized through the abdomen. It is often difficult to see all the organs in a pregnant patient because of change in the abdomen.  Gall bladder polyps were probably there as well and perhaps were not visualized for the same reasons.  Sometimes bowel gas can obscure certain structures...or they were missed.  Now that you have these findings, you can have a follow up US in a 6 month to a year to make sure they are stable.  by themselves they are not worrisome.



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