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I recently was put on an antibiotic and had loads of adverse reactions. Due to this I had multiple Dr. and ER visits and ended up having 4 chest xrays ( 2 views 2 different times ) and one head Ct Scan ( without dye ) done within one weeks time. I am worried about the radiation exposure especially within such a short period of time. How much does this increase my cancer risks in my lifetime ( I am female age 28 )? Is it worse that they were done so close together? And should there be a certain time frame from which I should try to refrain from getting any other types of radiation imaging done?


I wouldn't worry about any significant increase risk of cancer at all. The main thing to consider is what are the benefits of the exam vs. it's risk.  There is a site that you can look at only if you are curious and see what the average risk is without any medical radiation vs. with the exams that you had.    
The timing of the exams does not matter.

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