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I went in for an xray today because I've been having a strange pressure in my upper right abdominal quadrant. Sometimes I feel the pressure on my right flank and back as well. The technician showed me my xray but said the doctor would discuss results. I'm worried because the right abdominal had a dark shaded area that was not seen on the left side. I'm wondering what this could mean. I should know results by March, but wanted some insight before hand if possible.

Hi, Shirley.

Unless you have knowledge of how to read an x-ray, please don't worry about what you saw. The organs in your body are not symmetrical. It is normal that the right side looks different than the left. The dark shadow you identified could just be gas in your bowels!

The radiology report probably won't mention the area you're specifically interested in. If you really want to know what that specific shadow means, I recommend you go to the imaging facility or department where your x-rays were taken and ask for a consultation with the radiologist. (S)he should be more than happy to explain it to you.

BTW, x-ray results are usually available within 24 hours. Call your ordering physician's office in a couple of days and they may be willing to fax the report to you before your March appointment.

Hope this helps,


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