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Can you please tell me what does this mean from my ct report. I can seem to find an answer .

There is perivertebral soft tissue thickening or hypertense epidural collection.

Hi, Mike.

First, I am not a physician, so am not qualified to diagnose disease. I'm not really sure what it means, but I did find an article from the American Journal of Neurology about the topic:

When I read a radiology report, I always read the Conclusion or Impression first. It's a summary of the findings, and always contains the "meat" of the report.

In this case, your report indicates that your cervical fusion is in alignment and you have some degenerative changes (due to old age - think "arthritis"). There is no fracture, your vertebra are stacked normally and there is no pinched nerve in your neck.

If you need more information about the perivertebral soft tissue thickening or hypertense epidural collection, I recommend you ask your neurologist. (S)he is in the best position to explain it to you.

Hope this helps,


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