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Radiology/Need help reading a side-view chest x ray


Hello, and thanks in advance for taking time to read this.

Background: My father has been a smoker for about 40 years and has had a chronic cough for years, recently he went through a flu and his cough worsened and hasn't resolved in 7 weeks. He was sent for a chest x ray.

I'm having an issue with an area in his side-view x ray, which shows a large highlighted area near the heart, I don't know if it's a normal anatomic finding or not. I'll leave three links to pictures of the x ray itself, I apologize for the bad quality and reflections.

Could provide pictures of the frontal view if required although frontal view looked normal to me.

Thank you again.

Hello Sam,

I am very sorry for the long wait.   Unfortunately, the images are not of diagnostic quality for me to render an opinion.  Perhaps you can place an arrow near the area that you are concerned about?  You can do it in power point as an example.

I am apologize that I am unable to help.



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