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I have a hole in my eardrum. Since then this hard material has been getting in my ears. I tried for weeks to get it out only to realize that there is a ton of it under the skin in my ear. I know it's there, I've tried to get it out and it just moves around everywhere under my ear. My ENT says since he can't see it, it's not there. He refuses to feel around, if he did, he'd feel tons of it. He did a CT scan, no contrast. It didn't show up on it. So he says I'm imagining it. Not only am I not imagining it, last night when I thought I had a hold of some, I pulled on a long long ribbon of the stuff but just managed to stuff it to the front of my ear. Then I did grab some and it is now blocking my ear canal. Is it possible for something biological to not appear on a CT scan?

Hello, Sandie.

Yes, it is possible for something biological to not appear on a CT scan. For example, ear wax does not appear on CT or X-ray.

If your ENT doesn't see anything and you don't agree with him, I recommend you seek a second opinion from another physician.

Speaking from personal experience, once I felt like there was something stuffed in my ear, blocking sound. It seemed like I could "hear" it rattling around in there. Turned out to be a long wax plug (yuck!). My General Practitioner used a stream of water to irrigate & loosen the plug and rinse it out.

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