I recently broke my foot and have had 3 sets of X-rays taken (2 week intervals, the last being 7 days ago). I am scheduled for a routine mammogram in 2 days. I am concerned about the amount of exposure over this time period. I'll have another foot X-ray in about 2 weeks. Should I be concerned? I can reschedule the mammogram. Thank you.

Hello, Dawn.

The radiation dose from your foot x-rays plus your mammogram is very low. See the chart on

Each x-ray exam of your foot gives you the equivalent of 3 hours of background radiation or .001 mSv. A mammogram gives you about .4 mSv or the equivalent of 7 weeks of background radiation. Together, this dose is still very low.

I would say that the benefit provided you by taking these x-rays outweighs the risk incurred by the exposure. So, I would say you have very little to worry about.

If you are still concerned, I recommend you request a consultation with a radiologist or your regular physician before you go in for your mammogram.

Hope this helps,


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