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I recently had a chest CT scan. Due to some issues with customer service from the ordering physician's practice, I'm changing doctor's. While I await the appointment with the new doctor, I obtained the images from my CT scan and looked at them myself. I have a couple of specific questions on the report from the radiologist. Is it a breach of protocol, which is to say is it unreasonable, for me to direct my question to the radiologist directly? Or do radiologists generally not condescend to respond directly to patients?

Hello, Steve.

Radiologists are usually more than willing to consult with a patient prior to a procedure that they will perform (a biopsy or invasive procedure, for example). However, they would never be able to get all their work done if they were to consult with any patient who had a question about their images or report.

It is the duty of the ordering physician to explain radiology results, so you should wait for your new appointment. Bring your report and films, if you have them, to be certain your new doctor will have the results to explain to you.

It may help to make a list of your questions before the appointment so you don't forget to ask something.

I would be happy to interpret your radiology report, if you want to attach it to a reply. I am not able to diagnose or interpret images, but I do understand medical terminology and may be able to decipher the report enough to give you a better understanding of it.

Hope this helps,


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Please do not ask me to diagnose or interpret images. I am not qualified to do so. I will reject all questions asking for my interpretation of images. I am the photographer, not the physician. I cannot "read" x-rays. Please consult a physician for that information. I can tell you what to expect during most MRI, CT and X-ray procedures.


I now have more than 30 years experience in diagnostic imaging. My specialty is MRI. I am also very familiar with CT and the way we used to take x-rays (everything's digital now)!

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Radiologic Technology and am registered as an X-ray, CT and MRI Technologist.

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