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Westy wrote at 2008-03-11 23:57:22
I had a lot of pain after my MRI. I believe it was because my arm was immobilized in a somewhat  uncomfortable position during that time. The padding that held my upper arm seemed to press into the muscle, and my hand was (intentionally) squished up against my hip so it wouldn't move. I was in pain to begin with (that's why I needed the MRI) and I think being positioned this way without being able to move or adjust as I normally would simply intensified that.

Mr.B wrote at 2008-04-29 08:33:50
You are not alone in experiencing pain diring an MRI scan. I experienced severe pain in my damaged ankle during an MRI only last week. It has been sugested to me that the pain may have been due to the way the joint was strapped in place, rather than the imaging process itself.

The assertion that "all imaging modalities - including MRI, of course - are completely painless" is misplaced. New Scientist has reported that ultrasound may disrupt fetal brain development (10.Dec.2001) (07.Aug.2006)and that there may be a link between ultrasound and slightly increased rates of miscarriage.  

KE wrote at 2008-09-03 16:11:51
I recently experienced the same pain excruciating, tearful pain... I have herniated disks in the lumbar region.. over the last 4 years have had a few mri's because my back keeps getting worse and they don't know why.. this last episode the muscles around my spine went into severe spasm, my left hip and down my leg were pins and needles.. also other spasms during the 20 minute test.. this has never happened before..there has to be some sort of logic...magnetic bouncing and vibrating off the insides...

john wrote at 2009-02-27 14:35:04
I just had a hip MRI on my left arthritic hip and the next day it felt like someone kicked me in the groin and in the lower right back. I think it has to do with my double hernia repair that I had 7 years ago and the staples that were used on the mesh. Possibly the mesh had metallic fibers but I am not sure. The pain was very similar to several weeks after my hernia surgery when I tried to lift to heavy an object and probably moved the mesh around. I would think that the powerful magnets could move the staples and mesh around somewhat and then mimic the pain that i had after surgery. hopefully my kidney was not bruised as again it feels like a sharp pain in my lower right back. i can sleep ok and sitting is mostly ok. just when i get up and move around. it's been 2 days so hopefully all this pain will go away in the next couple days. i always had slight pain in my arthritic left hip, but now i have to deal with all this additional dull pain which i am absolutely positive it was from the mri, even though all the 'experts' claim it cannot be.

MRISensor wrote at 2009-06-19 02:20:32
The above answer was given by someone who is relying strictly on evidence.  But to say your pain is a coincidence is a bit irresponsible.  You felt more pain during and after the MRI - that is your truth and many other people's truths as well.  I have been reading a lot about the possible side effects of MRIs but haven't found anything concrete yet.  I had and MRI accompanied by an almost unbearable pulling sensation from my temples back to the base of my neck.  The tech let me come out once and explained that I was not doing any harm by having this procedure even though the painful pulling sensation made it seem otherwise.  He just chalked it up to my having sensitive ears but I believe otherwise.  I feel that I was somehow able to feel the magnetism in some way, though there is no evidence to back this up yet.  Good luck.  You are not alone!

PJ wrote at 2009-07-31 19:43:56
Pain is not subjective. There is a reason for this pain after an MRI. I wish I knew what it is!

I also have extreme pain after these scans and like you I get Insurance type answers. I have a damaged Sciatic nerve and harmonics are devastating to me. Heavy bass & high pitched whines cause physical pain through my legs. So, with that thought then an MRI does cause real pain as the thrumming and tuning fork affects are felt through nerve endings. My two cents worth. More than a Dr. will give.

Pink wrote at 2011-06-23 16:19:24
I have also experienced increased pain after MRI, in places not injured! After a long MRI (full spine) my body tunred hot and my arms bagan to feel like they were being pulled from the sockets. They told me that was normal, and continued to finiah. I was crying when I came out, and had increased pain for at least two weeks. It was terrible. My experience is that MRI's can cause increased pain in your body during and after the MRI, no matter what anybody says.

cidcw4 wrote at 2013-01-05 15:12:36
I had an MRI yesterday (Jan 4) for my hip and like all MRI's you must remain as still as possible.  Today I have a great deal of muscle and joint pain. In fact, so much pain in my shoulders that I'm unable to function normally today... and they were not the subject of this MRI.  I believe the strength of the magnetic field generated inside the MRI during the testing which aligns or realigns nuclei in the body can cause elevated pain for some time (days to weeks) after the testing.  I think taking something, either over the counter on prescribed to help manage this temporary elevated pain will help me.  But I also believe that if it should continue for an unreasonable duration or if the pain increases to an unreasonable level, action should be taken further; either consulting your doctor or what ever profession seems suitable.


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