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Kathy wrote at 2007-06-05 06:17:36
I read where old tattoos approx 20 years old may contain parts of lead in the ink causing the MRI to try and pull them out with the magnet.

W.A. Klinger wrote at 2008-10-18 23:56:54
Had an MRI of my ankle two days ago account injury back in the spring.  Injury has not resolved so Ortho-MD wanted the imaging done.  Procedure took about 40 minutes, during which my leg was clamped but comfortable.  About half way through the scans, my ankle area of injury started getting numbed and the began getting very hot and painful.  I made it through to the end, but was in a lot of pain.  Since then, it has been very painful and I can not put proper weight on that leg.  I'm quite sure I did nothing that day to tweek it, nor did the techs at the hospital.  It was in a good position during the scans, so it seems unlikely  that it was caused by the position.  Just very very odd how the pain came on, like static electrical charge at first, then heat and then pain.  I do accept the possibility that I have gone round the bend, but two days along and this thing is still very much the worse.  Something happened during the MRI, what, I don't know.  No contrast used.

justiceseeker wrote at 2009-01-14 22:53:15
I received a cervical, lumbar, & pelvic MRI today.  This was my first time ever having an MRI. I am a registered nurse. I was surfing the web to see if I could find an explination as to why I experienced severe right wrist and shoulder pain during the lumbar & pelvic testing. This was something that contradicts what I had been taught and told. I will say I was attacked 7 months ago & my right arm joints were put into military locks and holds. I too am seeking an answer to this mystery occurance.

Dr. Don Russell wrote at 2009-10-02 23:05:58
Dear Pain victim;

Consider goikng back to the MRI facility and finding out whether you were placed in the neg. / north pole of the MRI magnet or the south/ pos. pole. If you are still experiencing pain, ask them to simply place you in the opposite pole of the MRi machine from that which originally took your images. This should at least theoretically reverse the proinflammatory effect of what I believe was the pos. or south pole of the magnet. The north pole should have a soothing effect if Dr. Philpott was correct.  

helpfulfriend10 wrote at 2010-04-28 01:14:48
It sounds like you have 'electromagnetic sensitivity'.  Read about it, and there is a conference in dallas texas 3-6 th June

Nancy wrote at 2011-08-20 10:14:42
I am also looking for answers. No sir, it is not a coincidence on the pain during an MRI. Wish with our technology, someone can come up with an answer. Go to the Webmd website. See all of us who had the same encounter with an MRI. I am not saying it is not an important tool, it is....but, the pain was horrible. I am a good example of the intense pain it concurred. We as patients want and answer as the medical profession looks at us as and say

"that could not happen, its a fluke" it is not. Has to be something. I felt the pulling of my knee cap, very painful. First time had to stop the test, second time, given a shot to numb the whole leg. Still, felt like the knee cap was being pulled out. So, I would like some expert to explain, why. And not with excuses. Just an intelligent answer. Again, if you go to the website, you will really see how many have posted the same. Thank you for listening...NBarrett

IrmaLynda wrote at 2014-01-07 06:22:46
There on hundreds of inquiries from patients experiencing pain triggered during the MRI process and all the professionals are in the deny deny deny mode and not offering real answers.  I had an MRI today and I was in tears by the time it was over.  It hurt. It hurt from my elbows down to my finger tips.  I had no prior arm or hand injury I was getting my neck and lumbar area MRI because of prolonged difficulties with periodic back spasims and headaches after being hit on my tricycle by a slow moving car.  The pain began to subside as soon as the MRI was over but several hours later I have a lingering numbness in my finger and I can not make a fist with either hand.  I had no simular issure before the MRI.  I think there are real people being truely hurt by this process and the only answers the Medical Professionals are responding with is we are all nut cases. I would like to know what kind of lab rat testing was done in the past and are being done in the present proving or disproving the safty and side effects of using the MRI process.  The machine are getting larger and more powerful every year and people are being hurt.  I should have asked more questions before allowing myself to be a lab rat being lead to the slaughter.


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