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Rap/Hip-Hop/hip hop dancing and advice on what to do?


Hi!! I am16 years old and i recently gained passion for hip hop dancing. I am a taking one beginner class once a week but i feel like its nowhete enough. I cant go to too expensive classes. Please give me suggestions on how i can become better? What should i do? I see many dancers through interent and always wondered how i can become like that. Like gina hong mike arellano amd sorah yang. I really am desperate to get some advice. Also can u suggest me any hip hop classes around baltimore in maryland? Kept looking for some but couldnt find much. And it has to be closer to me because my parents says they cant ride me if its too far. Thank you!! I am a girl and 16 years old


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I think the best thing is to speak to your dance teacher about your progress as she will be able to see what your strengths and weaknesses and your potential as a dancer overall. Then from there you can either increase your dance classes or focus on the ones you're doing. The way I improved when I was your age was constant practice and attending as many classes as possible. I recorded myself and repeated the routines until I felt satisfied I knew 100%!  I would love to advise you in USA but the majority of my knowledge are for classes based in the UK.

Good luck and follow your heart!



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