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Rap/Hip-Hop/What old-school rappers from the '80s and '90s still perform today?


QUESTION: Hi. I don't know too much about the music industry but I know if a rapper has been around performing at least 2 decades he or she is considered to be a rap superstar, if I am not mistaken. What rappers that were around in the '80s and '90s still perform today- solo acts and group acts? I am curious- please help. Thank you.

ANSWER: There are many acts from the 80's and 90's that still perform.

1- Sugarhill Gang- They were performing up until one of the members died not too long ago. They are
from the 80's.

2- LL Cool J- Hosted the Grammy's and still performs occasionally

3- Big Daddy Kane

4- Dougie Fresh

5- Slick Rick

6- Mr Cheeks from The Lost Boyz

7- Melle Mell he was featured in Macklemore video

8- Kool Moe D he was also featured in the Macklemore video

9- Canibus who had the epic battle with LL Cool J is still some what active.

10- Kid and Play still perform occasionally

Those are a few

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QUESTION: Thank you. I know Snoop Dogg and Vanilla Ice still rap. Someone told me Ice Cube and Ice T still rap also. KRS-One is still active as far as I know. I know the BEastie Boys kept performing until one of the members passed.

I know about the Sugarhill Gang. They are one of the first groups to pioneer hip-hop.

Is it true Run from Run DMC still raps?


ANSWER: Run is a preacher so I think he performs occasionally with DMC but DMC still performs I seen him live by himself like 2 years ago.

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QUESTION: Hi- thank you for answering. I know Biz Markie still performs- he was on the Late Show on NBC performing with Jeff Goldblume a few years ago. Flava Flav kept performing until a few years ago. I know MC Serch is a record producer now- does he still perform? Does Queen Latifah and Salt and Pepa still rap? Does Will Smith still rap? What about Dr. Dre and Coolio and Busta Rhymes and House or Pain and Cypress Hill and Redman and Method Man?


Queen Latifah is mostly acting now and Salt and Pepa still perform. Will smith is suppose to be coming out with a new project, I heard he is working with Drake. Dr. Dre doesn't perform anymore and Coolio still performs occasionally. Busta still performs and the lead rapper from House of pain is now a singer. Cypress hill im not too sure about. Redman and Method man are still very active performing and they have a new How High movie coming.


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