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I'm an 8th grader at LaVille Jr/Sr Highschool and I want to be an aspiring rap artist. I've been rapping for a few years now, and I wanted to know, how do you advance in the rap industry? What are good ways to get your name out there? At what age can you sign with a record label, and how do you get a record label to sign you?

Those are some great questions and you sound very smart. There are quite a few ways to break into the music industry. You can create a song or music video and have it go viral. Many of todays rappers started on social media including  Soulja Boy, Fetty Wap, Desiigner and many more. You can start by recording your first song in the studio. Someone of your age definitely needs help from adults because you have to record your demo and film music videos which can cost a substantial amount of money.

You can start by

1- Get a quality song or many songs recorded

2- Make sure you have professional quality songs and test the song with friends and family

3- Film a music video or get someone to film a music video for you.

4- Promote the video on social media, use sponsored posts on facebook and twitter, this will cost money

5- Follow how people react to your content. If they like it funnel them to your website or facebook and other social media pages.

6- Try to make the next big song on social media. Do some research about artists like Solento who is also a teenager that didn't have any help. He created a song and dance and promoted it on social media.

Goodluck and its a lot of hard work and dedication.

Hopefully this helps
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