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ron d wrote at 2007-04-27 00:31:14
I remember when I was 17 years old and I was in an intimate situation with my 15yo girlfriend. We were undressed & I stupidly made an insulting comment about her which made her very angry. She grabbed my testicles, one in each hand, and demanded that I repeat the insult. Even more stupidly I called her a bitch & told her she wouldn't dare squeeze.

I have never experienced such pain in all my life! I never even dreamed that a young girl would have the strength to hurt me, as I was quite strong & well muscled. All my strength completely deserted me & I was helpless to prevent her as she squeezed my testicles. I honestly feel that she could have rendered me unconscious,or even killed me, if she had squeezed as hard as she could. She could definitely have ruined me for life!

I spent over three hours curled up on the floor in agony that night, and I never want to feel that much pain again!

I am telling you this only to assure any female that squeezing a man's testicles will, with absolute certainty, end any attack by him!

My wife has asked me to add the following:

When grabbing the testicles (she says), don't attempt to squeeze both organs in one hand. Instead, concentrate on just one testicle and try to flatten it. Apparently it has to do with the pressure one small hand can exert.

I won't be upsetting my wife in the foreseeable future!

Best wishes Ron & Suzie

lauren wrote at 2008-12-15 00:16:28
I just want to say that I was attacked as a teenager, even though I was seven months pregnant at the time.I managed to fight him off by doing this so I can say it really does work.

I wish all girls were taught to do this from an early age (12-14?)then perhaps men would stop raping girls.

maggie wrote at 2010-08-03 00:31:54
I think all adult women realise by now that the testicles are extremely delicate, and that squeezing them (or even just one of them) will cause excruciating pain to any male, rendering him helpless.

No man would deny this if he were truthful.

What I want to know is, why the hell this isn't taught to all girls at school? I suppose there should be a debate about how old girls should be when given this information, to avoid them abusing this power. But surely no-one would deny that this would prevent many rapes and sexual assaults.

I would go even further, and put every girl one to one with a boy and let her take his testicles in her hand. She should be allowed to squeeze with sufficient force to learn how effective the technique is, and the boy would learn to respect girls and their ability to cause them this unique pain!

OK, the last bit is controversial, but lets get started with giving girls from the age of (14?) this vital knowledge!  

MR. D. wrote at 2010-10-13 23:28:33
Maggie I so agree. All girls by 12 should start  thrit training in this area so they are confident and skilled on how to grab,hold and apply pressure to have complete control of a  male attacker.Each year say in 6,7 and 8th grade they should receive 20 hours of training with boys of their own age and like you I think the boys would have much more respect for them. Also if older women felt they needed similar training even if it was just a refresher course it should be available to them at free or min. expense.

simon wrote at 2010-11-22 12:46:43
i have voluntered as an attacker at womens self defence classes.I always have the support and protection of a cup.The girls dont hold back at all.some go over the top.I usually wear a wrestling outfit in the classes and one over enthusiasting girl of 17 years slipped her hand inside my jock/cup and squeezed very hard.she thought it was hillarious and so did the other girls. I thought i was safe as i had a cup on but its actually very easy to slip yout hand inside and grab the testicles. I was rendered helpless.she had me by the balls and I was at her mercy.her hand was very small and hardly contained my nuts as they are very large about tne size of eggs but she held me tight.The girls thought a cup would protect me but she showed them how easy it was to slip her hand and seize the testicles. A cup is not as effective as they thought

Sarah Ann wrote at 2012-03-30 22:02:48
Its possible to kill him. I found court cases where women

have been charged with killing their husbands by attacking

the male sex gland (testicles). Aparently it causes so much

pain they died of shock.


The deceased was also a young man aged about 26 years old.  He was a healthy young man.  The prisoner was the second “wife” of the deceased.  They had been married for only six (6) months when the incident occurred.  On 6/7/94 at about 6 - 6.30pm, they fought inside their house over a towel owned by the deceased which was used by the prisoner’s sister without the permission of the deceased.  According to admissions made by the prisoner though her counsel in Court which I accept, the deceased hit her, forced her to the floor and stamped on her neck thereby causing her to grasp for air.  In an attempt to remove his legs, she grabbed his penis and testicles and pulled them.  The deceased called out to her twice to let go his testicles and she did.  According to the statement of State witness Dawa Amu, which statement the prisoner does not deny in her statement in the Record of Interview (Answer to Question No. 55), he heard the deceased saying “you leave it, dog or pigs’ Daughter, you leave it”.  That was all that the deceased said.  There was silence.  Shortly later, the deceased was found inside the house in state of shock and comma.  One man tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but failed.  They took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.  According to the Medical Post Mortem Report, whilst all other parts of his body were found to be normal, the left testicle was smashed.  The cause of death was “Neurogenic Shock”.


did so with such force and persistence that she reduced the man's testicles to pulp and killed him by the shock thus given to the nervous system. If she was then thinking of the money, and intended to kill the man or knew that death would most probably result from the act, she would be undoubtedly guilty of murder

A rapist dies the hard way


PJ wrote at 2013-02-28 18:28:31
I think the person talking about having volunteered for a self-defence class is talking nonsense, considering the way that comment was written, especially towards the end of it.

However, he does make me think - clothing does provide a layer of protection, and if a guy is wearing jeans it would be difficult to grab and squeeze properly. So with regard to the training mentioned for schools, it would have to be by slipping the hand inside whatever was being worn (when practical) to grab the bare testicles. Though the idea that girls need 20 hours of training on this is clearly some pervert fantasizing. I also agree that it should be taught in self-defence classes (hand on bare skin). I don't think it should be controversial as it's a pain technique, not something sexual, so it doesn't even matter if it's a little girl slipping her hand inside a man's pants and underpants to grab and squeeze, as it's just to practice a genuine self-defence technique.

baskar wrote at 2014-05-22 06:39:13
testicle squeeze is not very effective..one day my classmate girl and me had a fight..i was only wearing shorts.in controversy she grabbed and squeezed my left testicle very hard for more than 8 secs.i never expected that from her.i got severe pain.but that severe pain changed me into very angry.so i twisted her hand and kicked her in the lower abdomen(not very hard)..i controlled my anger.but she fell on ground suddenly and twitching her body in pain..i was surprised and scared and i felt guilty for doing that..oh thank god she is safe now..i learned from that is never try to go for testicles.if he is so angry or violent he will lose his mind and do anything harmful to her....

Danish wrote at 2016-11-14 12:59:23
One day my cousin girl that was 20 (I was 20 too) tried to test grabbing my testicles. I didn't do anything to make her this angry. But as I knew this technique of girls before, I quickly get her hand and twisted it. I really wanted to break his arm and then break her neck because this was a self-defensing and I didn't do any thing bad to make her angry. A lot of girls were there and she only wanted to show power of girls and it wasn't important for her this could make me so ashamed. I easily could kill her by breaking her neck but finally I forgive her and she and her friends never do this again with any boy. I think This could be a good lesson to girls to don't do this again.

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I major in Criminology at University and am studying to become a police officer. I have experienced the effects of rape, mentally and physically. I have helped others who have been attacked. I am a very good listener and know how difficult it is to ask for help when you are confused, or scared. I`ll be an un-judging ear to listen and provide help as I have lived through it.


I was attacked nearly thee years ago, and have gone through the first relationship after, the recalled memory and the fights to not go to counseling ect. I have helped friends who have been through date rape, and other forms of assault. I have done a lot of research on it, and feel I'll be able to both logically and emotionally help you deal with your experience.

Nearly done a diploma in Criminology.

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