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Hello mam
I am vicky kumar and i m from india . Actually i m walking through one of the hardest and saddest time of my life .
the dark clouds of saddnes are surrounding me. Please mam help me as a humen not as a robot who is ASKing just A technichal answer

so here My question begins.. i m a art student but from my childhood i love animals and wildlife.. steve irwin is my inspiration
OK BACK To Question aCtually i was uNFAMILIER WIth rabies and its DAngerousness before i was in sixth class in my school at that time I was arouNd 1222 1thirteen years or 1forteen  i was sCratched by a cat a stray cat not a pet  it was hard to keep a eye on her so dad take me to docter and we get POST exposure vaciene ... so i was safe .. ok.. next time i remeber that i was scratched by another stray dog  
i dont know that was rabid or not it was A  pet of my neibougr before but they never vaciend that dog .. so i got another Post exsposure  

oK so afTer that i rEMEBer that around four years before ... i was get bitten.. wich was really bitten by a FEMALE DOG i dont know the reason she just come mysteriusly and qUitly.. and i was unaware of every thing ,however i got full  post exposure shot.s..  of injections...

so after ALL that i was already afraid of dogs and anything that can make rabies * possible.... .. However i was unaware of my misfortune still chasing me very quitly....
Today. i was going for some work.. and  there was three or four dogs  just  after a little walk from my home.. one of them was black dog
i guess because of mating seasone here he was really angry for something .. he saw me i whistle for him just in love OR affection

but That stupid was maybe to angry or because of that female dog ..  he come to me with growning... i started taking backstep..s......  he come closser... more quickly with each step and i falled off on ground with my head watching sky and back on ground... i didnt understand that he bitten me or not but after i wake up he was a little backstepped and watching me  .. as if warning me and prudly standing there.. but i just slowly go back to near my home... ..  after that i cheked my leg there was a little mark .. wich confused me that he bitten or it was because of my falling off to ground you can also see the picTure of that ..

sO iMMIDATLY I go to a goverment hospital .. thats all i can afford sorry.. i go there and ask for treatment he tells me that risk should not be taken ..

so I  take three injection today.. one of wich was of titnes.. .. so... tTHats all. the background

The main things that  making me tense is .. Is it possible that after  that much times that i taken ijections of vacciense .. that this time the vaccine noT work ? ( considering the bite was real..do you think that This time the vaccine may not work properly? oh bytheway he is giving me normal shots of Post exposure he gave me today three of them and called me again at 5 december..

second thing..  lets assume that that wasent the bite of dog so.. is there any chances of the vaccines make some side effects to my body?

I will attach a PHoto of that maybe tomarow

Please docter help me i m in real deppression after i read that much about that desiease about how much it is fatal and  uncontrolable.. i dont want die that soon docter i have to achive many things in Life for my mother and myself too...

Vicky, you have had the post injections several times, there should not be any side effects, the only thing you may need to think about is an infection from the bite or wound from falling, so if it seems infected (red, puffy or hot feeling) then you need to get some antibiotics.  The vaccine will work if it needs to, it may be the dog was not rabid, just angry some dogs are just plain nasty, if they sense you are afraid of them, they attack.  You should be fine but I would be very careful to avoid anymore bites, scratches or injuries.

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