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what type of expert should i see?  First i would like to thank you for the time to answer my question. i don't have insurance so wasting money going to a doctor that won't help me is not an option. i have multiple painful lipomas all over. they range in size from a pea to a lemon. all have a burning pain. even wearing clothes is painful. my mother has the same problems. they started showing up about a year ago and have been increasing in pain, size, and number ever since. i am unable to work now because of the pain. i have problems trying to sleep and doing any kind of house work. the pain has taken over my life. i also have depression, anxiety, fatigue, memory, joint pain, stiffness.

Hi Tiffany, A surgeon or plastic surgeon is the best doctor for you to see.  They are usually removed outpatient, 30 mins to an hour depending on size some can be done in office some in hospital. Do you know the reason you have them?  I would probably a biopsy to make sure they are all benign. Do you have lipomatosis?  

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