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Hi, this is a long complicated question. I can't even get an answer from the doctors at the ER and it has caused me to have horrible anxiety and fear. Last May 1st 2012 I was nipped by a stray so I went to the ER and they gave me the first rabies shot and human globulin shot. Then I came back for my 2nd shot, then my 3rd. Well a few days before my 4th shot I was exposed again..this time from wildlife, a bobcat. I love animals I was volunteering at animal control and partially my fault because I wasn't thinking straight. There was a dead bob cat in a black garbage bag, it was dropped off about an hr before and left outside so before I left I thought to pull it inside so animals aren't attracted at night to it.  Well I didn't realize how heavy it was and when I tried to move it the nail from the bob cat stuck out from the bag and went into my leg. I didn't open the bag so I don't know of saliva was on the paws or leaking from the dead cats mouth. I also don't no if there was damage to the brain or spine bc I know fluid from the brain or spine could have leaked and gotten on the paws/nails and transferred to my leg I know those fluids can carry the virus. I am pretty sure it was hit by a car an hour earlier in later afternoon and I also don't no if that is a common time for rabid animals to be out? So anyways I went to the ER so afraid they were awful didn't answer my questions said they didn't no. I said well my 4th shot is due in a few days so wouldn't you give me a shot for today and then I come back on 3 days for the booster. And then come back for my 4th shot for the dog exposure and they said no. They gave me a shot that day said come back in 3 days get last shot but were skipping the 4th shot. So I'm so afraid I still need that final shot. I no it's very confusing situation. So I basically got 4 shots and then a single shot for the bob cat incident but I feel like I should of been given one last shot for the full booster. Can anyone please help me?

Hi Lisa, it is possible the stray dog you were nipped by didn't have rabies nor did the bobcat. There are certain times the shots are to be given at certain intervals, the first shot is the rabies immune globulin, the 3 others which seems to be the normal protocol.  They should have given the last shot, then the booster a few days later. Since this happened in 2012, you are probably safe, usually the timeframe rabies would kick in would be about 30-90 days.  If you are exposed again I would ask the doctor specifically about what to do and explain the 2012 incidents.  To be safe this next time you may need all the shots again instead of the booster.

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