Rave/House/Techno Music/Looking for a title


trer wrote at 2013-01-27 15:40:04
omg i been looking for this song for 8 years!!!!!

thank you all!!!!!

Lboogie wrote at 2015-01-28 03:03:02
Omg u don't know how long I have searched and searched for that song and YOU allowed me to find it! Thank u-I can't express my thanks enough:)

Rave/House/Techno Music

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Damien King


Being a professional music artist covering most electronic/dance genres, Damien can cover a wide range of queries, from musical questions such as explaining various subgenres and their differences, to technical help such as timestretching, beatmatching and compression/dynamics.


Damien has been a professional music artist under the alias 'Digital Slave' (previously known as SephXI) for several years now and has produced a wide range of music, from cutting-edge house to euphoric happy hardcore.

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