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Raw Foods/Question about veganism and leg cramps?


Hi.I've tried on several occasions to go vegetarian w/an eye towards veganism. I'm a pretty healthy person(depression and high bp meds aside),but when I get about a month or so in,I start getting really bad muscle cramps in my legs.What can I do to get rid of these and be able to stay w/my dietary choice?If it helps,I also walk alot,and ride horses,so i was wondering if those things could be what's wrong,and I'm blaming the wrong culprit,so to speak.

Hi Kelly,

Congratulations on moving to improve your health, thatís wonderful. Usually leg cramps are a sign of magnesium deficiency, something that a majority of the population is low in. Leafy greens are loaded with magnesium as well as nuts and seeds. Hereís a link to some great healthy recipes that will provide loads of magnesium and a host of other nutrients:

The walking and horse riding should not be a problem other than that you are active so may require a little more magnesium. If you canít get the magnesium you need through diet you may want to consider supplementing. The best one Iíve found is ReMag Solution available at  Another good product found in most health food stores is Natural Calm which many people swear by. You may want to consider adding an overall mineral supplement at least for awhile since you do have several other health challenges. MotherEarth Minerals has a womanís blend that can help restore minerals throughout your body.

I imagine one reason you may we trying a vegetarian diet is lower your BP naturally which is great. Iím not sure whether youíre aware that low vitamin D levels which we get from the sun can contribute depression. If you are unable to get enough sun, or to convert that form into an active form for the body you may want to try a high quality liquid vitamin D. It can make a world of difference.

Best of luck to you and your journey to greater health.

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh

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