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QUESTION: Just wanted to know a question about fruitarians if people say that fruits has to much sugar and carbs and it could make you fat then why are fruitarians skinny if the only thing they eat are fruits?

Healthy Carbs
Healthy Carbs  
ANSWER: Good question Jairo. There is quite a bit of mis-information out there about carbs in general and weight gain in particular. The sugar in fruit is different than refined sugar which is found in many processed foods and drinks. Fruit sugar is natural and comes with fiber, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and all the other nutrients found in whole fresh fruits. The fiber and nutrients allow the fruit to be digested in a healthy way that is beneficial to the body.

Most people eating a fruitarian or high fruit diet eat enough calories to thrive on, but don't over eat. They consume the amount of calories they need for the day and no more. Most people eating this way are probably getting adequate exercise also. Of course it is possible to over eat any food, and some people can't handle as much fruit as others at least long term.

People that eat a standard american diet (SAD) usually consume more calories than they burn, so weight gain is inevitable for them. So many foods and drinks are loaded with refined sugar in one form or another that it is easy for a person to consume many more calories than they could possibly burn in a day. This is what happens when people eat highly processed foods that are far from their natural diet. The further we stray from whole natural foods the more sickness and disease we see as a society.

There is much evidence that consuming a diet high in whole food carbs, without the processed carbs, is extremely healthy and can cut a persons risk for multiple diseases, including cancer, strokes, and heart disease.

Eating a fruitarian or high fruit diet may not be for everyone, however eating a more balanced high raw food diet is something virtually everyone could benefit from. You can learn more about
a healthy high raw food diet at the link below. http://www.raw-foods-diet-center.com/eating-raw-food.html

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QUESTION: then can people eat good carbs like whole wheat bread and rice and still lose weight? are calories the only reason of fat people or is it carbs?

Healthy Salad
Healthy Salad  
ANSWER: Carbs are not the problem Jairo, it's the type of carbs, processed carbs specifically. A diet high in natural whole foods...mainly fresh raw fruits and vegetables will help your body find its natural healthy weight. Of course you can over eat on any diet or add loads of fat which will end up in weight gain.

Whole wheat bread is actually a fairly processed food if you think about it, although it's not the worst. Whole wheat bread does contain gluten which many people are not able to digest and can cause serious health problems some with the side effect of weight gain.

Whole grains like rice and quinoa in moderation would be fine and should be mixed with plenty of fresh raw vegetables. It's when people load up on starchy foods, even healthy ones that they begin to have issues and weight gain.  Sometimes starchy dishes are prepared with loads of fat which delays the digestion and then can cause health issues and weight gain. That is why I recommend a high raw diet, you get great nutrition and a high fiber which is very important for long term good health.

Sweet potatoes, squash, rice, millet, quinoa, are all healthy starches if prepared properly,  steaming is probably the best, but should be eaten with loads of fresh raw vegetables and salads.

Take a look at these recipes and see if some appeal to you. You could make the salad the main course and then have a sweet potato or some rice or other starch with it. Fruit should be eaten apart from starches so can be eaten between meals.

Healthy Salad Recipes

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QUESTION: can you tell me all the foods I should avoid and eat?
And by the way I only eat bread only on saturdays and rice once a week the rest of the days are veggies chicken breast and fish and only eat cereals one day a week too.

Everyone's body and dietary needs are different, but it is becoming more evident through past and current research that animal products including dairy, and processed foods are to be taken in small amounts or avoided all together if one is to enjoy good health. This includes all fried,  microwaved, frozen, packaged, and fast food.

As for foods to eat I would again state my belief that fresh raw fruits and vegetables, with some raw nuts and seeds, and perhaps seaweed comprise the healthiest foods for out consumption. If these were to make up 80% of the diet then the rest could be made up of healthy whole starches or some animal products.  

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