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I asked the question the other day about whether you believed raw cacao was un healthy or not. Since I have a $10 or so bag of raw beans is there anything I can do with them rather than throw them away that would make them healthy or at least less unhealthy? Roast them, boil? them anything? Or must I simply chalk it up to insufficient research prior to making a poor purchase?

Hi Len,

It's up to you but if you really think about it $10 is not much when it concerns your health. As far as I know nothing you can do will make them any healthier. If you really don't want to throw them out, or gift them to someone that is a cacao enthusiast, you could add a few to a large green smoothie early in the day when you will be active.  Adding some fat like coconut oil or flax might help buffer the effects to some degree. Adding a few every other day or so like this until they’re gone would be one way, however you could experience detox symptoms when they’re all gone.  If it was me I would put them in the compost heap. Best of luck to you.

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh

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