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Mr. cruickshank,

I will be brief I am sure your busy.  I am going to purchase live/potted wheat grass mail order 5 pounds.  My question is will it stay "fresh" the duration of its life while one person takes it?
Also, how much should I have a day?  I'm a newbie to this.  Oh, I found 5# for $50.  Do you know if that's a good deal?

Thank you very much,


Hi Chris,

I have never heard of ordering live/potted wheat grass via mail. Have seen it at the farmers market and know some places that deliver flats to you, but not through the mail.

Most people will purchase a flat of wheat grass to last nearly a week at an ounce or so per day. You water it as needed and cut and juice as you go.

I would look for someone in your area that delivers or sells flats at the farmers market. If you don't you could purchase the seed and grow your own with very little work. You can find easy growing instructions online.

Hope this helps.

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh

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