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For the past few months, I had been feeling very bad, tired, had muscle cramps, dark around my eyes, reoccurring yeast infections...

My intuition was telling me something was very wrong and I tried to deny it for a while because of my fear.  After talking to my chiropractor I got some old medical records from 5 years ago.  What I found blew me GFR was 59 (3rd stage renal failure) and the most maddening part of that is my doctor DIDN'T EVEN MENTION IT!!!

So, I have decided to not seek conventional treatment, but to restore my function as much as possible with raw foods.  Basically what I am asking you is for any info pertaining to raw food restoring kidney function, success stories or anything else that could help me.  

Not only did it upset me that I could have been helping myself 5 years ago, but its so scarey, I feel so alone.  Part of me wants to hate the conventional doctors who could have told me...I had surgery last summer for a broken bone and they didn't even mention it when it HAD to have shown up in my blood work and they prescribed post op pain killers that are contraindicated in patients with kidney disease.  I am going to get those records too, just to see. Its feels like I have been betrayed.

Hello Amanda,

Iím sad to hear about your painful situation and all youíve been through. I know it can be very frustrating searching for answers when the people you trust arenít really looking out for your best interest.

Iím not a doctor and canít prescribe any particular regimen for you, but I do know what I would do in a similar situation. I myself would cut out all animal products, which can present an extreme load on the kidneys.

I would also cut out all processed foods and eat only high quality whole foods, most of which would be raw vegetables and fruits. If I was to eat any cooked foods it would be steamed vegetables and steamed sweet potatoes or squash and perhaps some quinoa or millet.  I would eat plenty of fresh raw greens whether in salads, juices, or smoothies.

I donít know of any specific stories of raw foods restoring kidney function, but have seen and heard some amazing things for people following a raw or high raw diet. The page has many wonderful success stories of people overcoming a wide variety of health issues on a raw diet.

You will find many healthy raw recipes here on my website, as well as pages about how to get started and what you may expect.

Several other very important factors for healing and enjoying great health are; Exercise, fresh air, sunshine, keeping hydrated, and perhaps most importantly is your attitude. Turn your anger, frustration, and fears into a belief in yourself that you will heal and move on to greater health. Know you will find the solutions to your issues and overcome them without a doubt.

All the best to you on your journey to greater health.

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh

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One success story. I've been meaning to let you know how helpful you've been in directing me on the right path in nutrition. Since attending your seminar and following your advice, I have lost almost thirty pounds and recovered a great deal of the energy I thought I had lost due to "old age." I found eliminating hurtful substances from my diet was much easier than I thought--fresh fruits and green vegetables provide me with good digestion and regularity--as well as delicious-tasting meals. I've mentioned you to friends and hope they are wise enough to take advantage of your expertise. Best regards, Tom, (senior citizen) Novato, CA

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