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We are getting calls from Flagstar bank, who now holds our mortgage here in Northern Virginia, that they have lost the mortgage docs and need us to resign. We are not in foreclosure and, hopefully, never plan to be. But,  I'm hesitant to "resign" anything.  Are we obligated to resign the docs? Perhaps there's some way to work this to our advantage (lower mortgage rate, etc., he he)??

There might have been verbiage when you signed that allow them to ask you to resign in case of situation such as this.  I don't know the answer to that.  There was a theory that you could request banks to produce the note you signed and if they could not do it, foreclosure was stopped.  This did not prevent them from losing the home but it delayed the sale for time to allow the lenders to proceed with the sale.  I would call them and say you are not comfortable signing again, it would be a legal question if you are obligated to sign.  Perhaps you could work a lower rate out.  It's worth a call

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