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I live in Apache Junction, Arizona.  There is an easement (Federal I've been told) that runs 165' across the front edge of my property and 165 on my west neibors property.  I am the ONLY lot in need of the easement.  Problem is, my neighbors to the east use it for a "short cut" and horse traffic.  They all have access via a city maintained and paved road.  The traffic tears up the road, throws trash in my yard (horse droppings also) and occasionaly travelers use my front yard as a turn around running over my landscaping.
I would like to block the east end of the easement so there is no through traffic and it would still allow access by utilities and emergency workers to my property via the West side.
Am I justified in blocking this?  The city has already said they have no juristicion and don't care.  If needed, who would I contact at a federal level for what I can do on this dirt road?  
Needless to say, my neighbor is pissed as "I've been driving on it for 16 years now"  I've asked her to stop and she won't.


You are correct that the city won't get involved in this issue.  I did a little research and found no contact info for easements on the federal level.  Like you said if you did block it, you would need to still have access for utility and emergency workers.  If this became a problem with neighbors it would become a civil issue between you and the neighbors.  It might be wise to consult a real estate attorney for a small fee consultation to weigh out your options.  If your neighbor has been driving on it for 16 years that could also be hard for you to stop.  My suggestion is discuss it with attorney that works in this type of field to know your rights.  

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