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I am in the process of selling farm land  and will be receiving approximately $950,000.  I would like to buy investment properties on the Central Coast but am vacillating between highly desirable communities like San Luis Obispo and more affordable areas like Santa Maria.  I intend to do a 1031 exchange and plan to hold the properties for at least 5 years, but I have 2 questions: do you think it's a good idea to take a capital gains hit now while they are still relatively low, or do the 1031 exchange and worry about them later?  Also, though I can get more for my money in the less expensive market, I know that the the more popular areas will hold their value better, be easier to liquidate if necessary, and will be easier to rent.  We work full time and do not really want another part time job, but would like the tax benefits and cash flow that rental units offer.  I do not own any rental units now, nor have I ever owned any.  Thanks for your time.

I can't advise you regarding paying capital gains taxes now or deferring them, you need to consult with a tax pro and take into consideration everything else you have going on.
Some investors are betting capital gains rates will go up, others say they will stay low.  I'm in escrow with a client on a $15M land sale that will close this month, rather than next year, because he thinks rates will being going up.  No way to tell.
With regard to where to re-invest, it's really dependent upon where you think the money will give you the greatest return and potential for profitable re-sale in the future.  If you don't intend to manage the units yourself, and don't feel the yearning to drive by them on a regular basis, go with where your money earns the best return.
I have a daughter in her senior year at CalPoly SLO and have looked at properties there.  Aside from student housing, which I seldom advise investing in, there are some nice areas that could provide a good return.  Santa Maria is certainly more affordable, but that's simply because there is less demand for housing.  Between the two, I'd look closer at SLO.

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