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Hi, I am a first-time home buyer looking for a house in S. California. My agent asked me to provide the most recent bank statement. This is needed to make an offer. I am willing to offer $60,000 of cash. However most of this money is in a online stock brokerage account. If I provide the statement from this account, will this deter seller from accepting my offer? Is it best to have the full amount sitting in a checking account? But it might take a year for me to find my dream home, I don't want to lose out on the investment potential on my current savings. What would you suggest?

I really appreciate your time of reading my question. Thank you very much.

The seller only wants to know that you have the money you say you have. It is known as verification of funds. It does not matter where the money is when you make the offer, as the seller can only assume that you can move it into escrow when you are requested to do so.

I would not recommend moving the funds until it is time to do so, as you never know if the sale will fall out or you may change you mind after your inspections of the home.

I would suggest you cross of all of the account numbers on the statements and make a copy to give to your agent.

Please let me know if I have answered your question.


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