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We placed an offer on a Short Sale and it was accepted by the seller and 1st mortgage only.  A deposit has been accepted and the house is supposedly in escrow. However, the second still has not approved the short sale. Today, I noticed that the house is now re-listed as active on the MLS for a higher purchase price than ours. Is this legal? Our deposit has not been returned nor did we sign a cancellation.

It is not ethical for the listing agent to change the listing back to active unless it has been agreed to and not until both buyer and seller cancel in writing the agreement. It can be a finable violation by the MLS to the listing agent to intestinally input false information in a listings.  As a broker, it is not legal for me to answer if it is legal or not, as I am not an attorney.

I can provide advice, on how to solve your issue, but I need detailed information. For example, it is not normal to submit a deposit check until you have a 100% acceptance from all lenders, which appears you do not.  Why was the check submitted into escrow? When does the agreement expire?  Do you have an agent working for you?  Please send any other details you can think of.  

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