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Hi Steve,
My wife and I are empty nesters in our late 50s looking to relocate from Los Angeles to Florida. We have a good amount of equity in our current house and feel we can semi-retire in Florida due to the lower cost of real estate and living. We are Jewish and pretty active in our religious community. Our preference is to live within walking distance (a block or so) from the beach. We have two dogs and I plan on continuing to work in my industry as a freelance graphic designer. Our budget would be in the low $200,000 range or below for a 2+ bedroom, 2 bath solution - condo or house.

I have not been to Florida since I was a kid so I would imagine there have been a lot of changes in the past 40+ years! What areas would you recommend we look at when we visit? East or west coast? So far I have been told to look at Tampa areas, Clearwater, Naples, St. Petersburg on the Gulf Coast and West Palm, Ft. Lauderdale, Jupiter on the East coast. It is all a bit overwhelming. Any suggestions?

Sorry for the delayed response.

Overwhelming is an understatement. I almost do not know where to begin.  This is a huge decision and the east and west coast are two very different locations then add-in the different lifestyles of the various areas you mentioned.   

The simplest way to start this effort is to see if you can find property in your price range that is a block or two from the beach.  This will be a real challenge and just might quickly show you where this is possible and not possible.

Go to my website and use the home search link.  You will see a map based search engine and you can then drill down to coast areas and see what comes-up.  Then get on a plane and start visiting.  You can also use but that is not map based but rather zip code based.

I know that is not much but good luck.

Steve Schiffer
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