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I have tried to sell these lots in the Florida panhandle off and on over the past couple of years without success.  For about 18 months there were listed, but no real bites.  Is there any online tool to help in figuring out whom to list with?  Doing searches just turns up every real estate agent in the area, some with so-called specialties.  It seems hit or miss, so other than a prominent name with a well-known agency, what else can assist me if anything?


There have been some attempts by websites to qualify agents with scores that look at how many listings solds, how many days on market, listing price to sales price ratios etc.  But, they never really get any traction or have been able to provide "real" value.  

Real estate is such a local experience that this type of algorithm or artificial intelligence will be very hard to produce and even harder to prove effective.

First question...are the lots residential or commercial? I would try to identify what agent is selling the most then the 2nd and 3rd most.  Then, I would pick the hungrier 2nd or 3rd agent.

Also, you mention trying to sell over the past couple of years...I can not speak for the Panhandle but in Orlando the market for lots and new construction was non-existent in 2010,2011 and the first half of 2012. It was not until around November of 2012 did it seem to be like someone flipped a switch and now we are at another inventory low. In fact, I would call it a mini bubble. Some stats mention 10-25% year to increases in prices.

I would give it a try right now and just make sure the agent can speak "vacant land."  Meaning they understand the local new construction market, zoning and have contacts with local builders.  

I know that is not much but since I am in Orlando thats all I can give you.  

Steve Schiffer
Olde Town Brokers, Inc.

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