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I own my home out right. Would a bank be willing to trade one of their foreclosed homes for mine as an even trade? One for equal value.

Banks these days want to get rid of the homes they are carrying now. To trade one home for another would cost the bank money,time, paper work.  Sorry it is not the answer you are looking for.  My answer is based on the many years experience l have dealing with banks and talking with officials.


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The kind of questions l can answer has to do with condominium rules and condo living, condo regulations and condo law. In the state of Florida ONLY. I can address most questions since there is only one stead fast rule for condominium law which is called rule 718 for the state of Florida. I can quote the law, give examples and recommendations. I also have at my disposal access to lawyers who pratice condo law for technical questions that l am not able to answer Without knowing if an association has made changes to their documents which these changes are called amendments l can only generalize what the law says. I can also advise how to deal with Property Managment Companys that manage your condo assoc. What the wording in the contract you need to have with them should cover, the kind of services you should expect them to do for your community. I can answer questions about condo budgets. I have experienced almost every situation you can think of over the years. Also to sum this up l can answer almost any question that has to do with running a condo, dealing with condo owners, and many many more things that have to do with condo living


I have experience as the President of a major condo association for 1 0 years. Guest speaker at a Major University in Ft Lauderdale Fl for a condo symposium. Beside having major condo management experience I also have over 40 years of Retail Middle Managment experience

I have been featured many times in our local newspapers because of the experiences l have gone through as President of our condo Association.

I hold a BA in Commutation

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