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we are a Canadian couple that formed a corporation ( we are the corporation) and the corporation bought a condo in Estero about 4 years ago. Now we would like transfer the Land Title from the corp. name to our names only.

The condo is mortgage free.

What do we need to do? Is it possible to do it from Canada or do we have to do this when we are in Florida?
And how much money are we looking at?

Thank you, Anka

Try to find your paperwork from the closing of the purchase. See if you can identify the title company that did the closing. That company will also be on the HUD or Settlement statement.

Call them and if they are still in business they will be able to easily help you. If they are not in business google real estate title company in Estero, FL and ask them.

You should be able to do this from Canada.  I do not know the fees.  

Also, I do not think you are transferring the "land title"?  You would be transferring the name on the deed from the corporation to you personally. Remember, deed conveys title.  In Florida you are issued a deed...and that document conveys title to the property.  Thus, you do not physically have a document called "title." You have a document called a "deed"

You could also call the clerk of the court in the county Estero is located and call them. You would ask them how to quitclaim the deed from the corporation to you personally. They might help or they may say "we do not give legal advice, please seek answers elsewhere"

I hope this helps.

Steve Schiffer
Olde Town Brokers, Inc.  

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