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We went to closing and had the utilities turned on and the insurance started the closing did not fund on the seller side and we had to wait for their signatures the keys therefore were delayed to be released. MY question is WHO is responsible if the place we signed on but do not entry to yet but yet is in our name all the utilities if the place flooded, and so forth then who has the responsibility?

Thank you

D Johns,

If damage occurred to the property and you did not "technically" own the property then the damage is not your responsibility.  

Also, if the sellers signatures did not happen on or prior to the contractual day of close you are out of contract and the contract is null and void. Thus, you do not own the home and any damage is not your problem.  

These are all legal questions and I am not an attorney. If you did indeed have some flooding I highly recommend you contact a real estate attorney immediately to get the best advice.

I hope this helps.  

Steve Schiffer
Olde Town Brokers, Inc.  

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