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Good day
With reference to the renting of a townhome, I have the following questions pertaining to the renewal of the lease and inspection of property.
My tenants lease is going to be up in 3 weeks and I am out of state and unable to be present to examine the property and wanted to renew the lease via fax, mail or email. Also, I do not have a realtor to inspect the property but my tenant knows me. Based on this situation what can you suggest I do, since I have to make a decision to renew lease but is unable to inspect property.

Seems to be two choices 1. Hire a management company so they can inspect or 2. Just renew the lease and inspect when they move out. Why do you need to inspect?

If they are good tenants and pay on time then renewing without inspection should be fine. After all, damage is damage whether you see it today or next year.  Wear and tear is normal and expected.  

I hope that helps.

Steve Schiffer
Olde Town Brokers, Inc.

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