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Mr. Shiffer,

My company is located in California and buys tax deed sale properties in Florida. My problem is some of the county websites do not have copies of the titles or the O and E Reports available online to view and make copies of before the auction.  My question is do you know how or where I could obtain copies of either one of these documents for those counties?  I don't need an actual search be done involving going to the court house and having the research done. I just need copies of the most current title or O and E Report that was performed.  Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.


Sorry for the delayed response.  Do you mean copies of the deeds?

If the county does not have a copy of the deeds/title online then all I can suggest is calling that particular county appraisers office and requesting a copy. Or, find a Florida title company to get them all for you. You could try Universal Land Title 407.345.0774(Deborah Bowman)and ask her if she would provide this service.

As for O and E Reports...I am not sure what you are referring to.  Could you be referring to Error and Omissions?  If so, that is a question for Deborah Bowman.

Steve Schiffer
Olde Town Brokers, Inc.  

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