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Good day
Wanted to find out if one would owe a real estate agent commission in this situation generally in the USA.
Here is the situation:
Real estate hired to rent out home in year 1 and received his commission. The second year for the renewal of the same tenant, the landlord used an online contract and leased the home for the 2nd year to the same tenant without using the agent.
In general, does the landlord have any financial obligation or commission to the tenant in the 2nd year, since the landlord used his own contract.


When the real estate agent was hired to find a tenant for the home in the first year was their an agreement such as a lease only agreement or a property management agreement?  If yes, you would review the agreement used to see how the 2nd year with the same tenant would be treated regarding a commission.

If there was no agreement in place and the relationship between the real estate agent and the landlord ended after the first year tenant was placed in the property. I would say the landlord does not owe the real estate agent any commission for the 2nd year.  

Remember, I am not an attorney so please, if necessary, consult with one.

I hope this helps.

Steve Schiffer
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