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One of our friend has reffered us a realtor as we are looking forward to buy a home in north fulton and forsyth.I have few questions related to it and I would be happy if you will answer:
The realtor they have worked with is very experienced and our friends were also very happy with her,she is associate broker with heritage real she lives in cobb county and served clients much more in cobb and Cherokee county comparatively to north fulton and forsyth.So, she is much more experienced in cobb and Cherokee than north fulton and forsyth.
So, should we assume that as won't be best choice in our case and we should interview an agent who has more experience in our preffered area?

Let me answer you in this manner.  As an Associate Broker,I sell homes in the the north Georgia Mountains.  I can sell homes anywhere in the State of Georgia.  I don't.  Because I am not knowledgeable about homes in Cobb County and am marginally knowledgeable about Cherokee County.  I am happy to refer such customers to an agent who is competent in the area in which they want to purchase so they get the best representation possible even though I lose a sale.  I hope that in this, I gain a good reference.  I feel, that in densely populated areas with numerous subdivisions, it is even more important to know the area intimately.  
I hope this helps?  

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Sharon Huneycutt


I cover an area of North Georgia in particular, but I'll be happy to help you with general Georgia Real Estate questions. I also could refer you to someone in a specific area if need be. A lot of people who want to move to the mountains don't really realize what it might involve. For instance, here in North Georgia, if you want a mountain view, you may have to drive up very steep roads. Will you have well water (That's usually good!)? Do you speak septic tanks? Have you considered that if you want really want to get away from it all, you'll do it on a gravel road? Where can I find a good Bug Out Location in North Georgia? What's difference between a Log home and a Log Sided home? How can I tell? What's a "Shared Well"? What do you mean "Easement"? Who takes care of the house when you're not there? Can I raise chickens? Where can you stay to check it out? This is a very popular area for second homes and investment properties or when you finally decide to get way from it all, I can find your perfect property. I can answer questions on North Georgia Mountain living, housing, land, amenities, and activities. We handle a lot of foreclosed properties in our office so I have become a Certified REO Specialist. REO means Real Estate Owned and is the industry name for a Foreclosure. It refers to "owned by a bank or other corporate entity". Of course since I'm in Georgia, I can help you with the way Real Estate is handled in Georgia. If it involves an area of expertise I don't have, I can probably tell you what kind of an expert you do need.


We've had property in the Ellijay area for over 15 years and I've been selling Real Estate for over five years. My husband, who is a Civil Engineer and Appraiser, and I built our own log home. We researched log homes and North Georgia for three years before choosing Ellijay. Because of the building experience and being married to an engineer/appraiser, my real estate experience is a bit more extensive than average. I also am an education freak believing that the more you know, the better off you are. My husband and I both like photography, so we drive and hike all over the mountains looking for pictures. I typically cover an area including Pickens, Gilmer, Fannin, and Union Counties. I occasionally venture off into Dawson, Cherokee and Towns Counties. Selling Real Estate in the country has a number of aspects not found in City Real Estate. Make sure your agent is experienced in country real estate if you're buying country property.

MHA, CMA, Licensed Realtor, Associate Broker, e-PRO, GRI, Certified REO Specialist. Realtors are required to have 24 hours of continuing education every 4 years. I have well over 200 hours in the past five years. That's almost 10 times the required education for an agent who's "just getting by". A Real Estate purchase is one of the most important things in your life. Don't pick the kid at the bottom of the class to help you with it. Those little letters behind a Real Estate agents name are an indication of their interest in doing the best possible job that they can for you.

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