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k wrote at 2013-02-22 12:13:54
Getting pre aproved and getting the loan are 2 diferent things. usually they like 2 years and they want your busness to Earn a profit clamed in its taxes for those 2 years or they may just preaprove you based on your income but when you go to sign a morgage after finding a home your loan will fall through. it is very hard to get a loan if you are a owner your employees have a better shot. this just happened to us my hubbie is an owner but the company only clamed a profit for one of the 2 years befor our atempt ( been in busness for 7) one we reinvested the profit into inventory because it was growing so fast. they Pre Aproved us for $500k, so we decided to buy a nice 3bed 2 bath for $140k that we could pay off in 5 years. we hadd $100k for a down payment.  2 weeks befor closing we where toled by the bank that we didnt qulify for the lone based on the busnesses taxes and we where concidered 2 high risk. Simmilar thig happened to my friend who owns an boar electronics company, they can only get a morgage based on his wifes income.

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