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Hello: I currently own my condo outright. It is valued at approx. $650,000. I do not currently have a job, and have not had (earned) income within the last 3 years so have not filed tax returns during those years (I filed every year before that when I worked full time, for 15 years or so).

I want to purchase a property for $1,000,000. Since I have 100% equity in my home, is there any possibility I could obtain a mortgage to buy the new home? If not, can you specify why, and, is there any way I could possibly buy the home when I do not have a job/w2?

I realize that I could sell my home, but I prefer to hold onto it until the market is better. Also, I could probably rent it for $4,000/month.

I would like to be able to purchase the other home as soon as possible (if at all possible). I have already inquired as to whether the owner would lease with an option to buy; she declined, and prefers lease with a purchase contract/date. She wants to see that I am bank approved before she responds to an offer.

The property I want to buy is in NY, and my condo is in CT (if location matters).

Thank you for any input you can provide.


I do not see how you could get any form of bank approval without any verifiable income?  The bottom line for any mortgage company is going to be your ability to repay the loan and without any income that does not seem possible.  

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Ryan Hasselmeier

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