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 My first question was ticket 2012112904001691, but I did not receive a response.  I did manage to find it by searching the answers in AllExperts with key words from my original question.
 Yes, I do want to keep the house since I have equity in it.  I do not believe there is a reason to refinance right now since both mortgages have just been modified.  
 The reason Citi is not allowing me online access is because I did not reaffirm after my Bk in 2011, and I cannot afford an attorney as you suggested.  As you said, it is too late to reaffirm, even if I wanted to; but is it legal for them to refuse access to the mortgage information after bankruptcy?  
 There are multiple discrepancies that I have been attempting to check out, but I do not know if it would qualify as extortion.  Please tell me what I would need to make an extortion claim?  I sent a partial payment history with my original question that shows 28 entries on the same day -  9/16/11.  Out of the 65 entries on the history from 8/5/10 to 3/15/12, only 20 are Payments, 8 entries appears to be reversals (negative amounts), 23 entries are "unknown", and the rest are "additional funds".  I cannot make heads or tails from it.  
 Sounds like my best shot is to claim extortion, but I need to know more than I do now.  Can you tell me where I can find the information?  Thanks for you assistance


Clearly, the bank has the information. My experience with banks in the period following the mortgage meltdown of 2008-9 is that the make it very difficult for individuals to deal with them, but they cooperate (out of fear?) with attorneys.

Ask the local Bar association if they have a free legal clinic. Another source for free legal help is the legal clinics operated by many law schools.

A person needs a lot of patience in dealing with the banks, and as I said before, the process becomes faster when you are represented by an attorney.

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