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I had an investment property that closed on 12/31/11 short. My primary home has never been late on a payment (5 years). My credit score right now is 731. I have no negative credit marks outside of the short sale mortgage. When can I start the refi process? I was told 24 months. My wife was not on the short sale. Is there a way for her to refi the house as the primary person on the loan and me as a secondary? She has very good credit (800) and makes $72K. Our loan is $240K. Is there anyway for her to qualify? We are currently in a 20 year and want to refi to a 15 year. Thanks..

A short sale is considered a foreclosure as far as mortgage qualifying is concerned. You have a 7 year waiting period before being able to do full conforming financing. Your wife can refinance immediately as long as she was not on the short sale mortgage but she would have to qualify without your income as you could not be on the loan. On FHA loans, the wait is 3 years. Conforming  financing is available within 2 years if under 80% LTV or 4 years if under 90% LTV as determined by the appraisal, however, the mortgage insurance may not be available or if Is, it can lessen the benefit of a refinance.  
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