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I want to purchase an investment property but our credit isn't good enough and we don't have the 20 % down. There is this nice property that we want to buy to rent as we are nearing retirement but would like to know what the best way to go is. The property is selling for $40k and our present home is already paid for. It is worth anywhere from $93k-$103k. Can we get a home equity loan or which is the best and lowest interest rate? Thank you. P.S. The home will need about $10k to fix up- it is 1300 sq. ft. and needs a new roof and interior cosmetic work.

Call on some banks and credit unions and see if they will do home equity loan or home equity line of credit.
These are technically 2nd lien mortgages and have lower fees.
Refinancing the entire home with a 1st lien lender is more costly.

If your credit isn't good enough for the investment loan, it will be tough to get the 2nd lien on your own home as well.

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