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My wife and I will be purchasing a new home in the next few months and need some advice on what type of mortgage to get. I will be getting a 5% down, conventional loan and am debating on whether to get a 30-year fixed rate or an ARM (5/1, 7/1, 10/1). I realize many people will say that the interest rates are so low right now that I should go for the 30-year fixed. My only hesitation in doing so is that I donít believe this will be the last home we will buy. I know we will be living in this home for at least 5 years but beyond that, I canít say for certain. The thought has crossed my mind to turn this home into a rental property once we decide to move again but am not sure if I want to be a landlord or pay a property management company. Another thought crossed my mind that if we do have a child while in this home, we may want to stay put longer.

In any case, I need some honest feedback/advice on whether it is worth it to roll the dice on an ARM or play it safe with a 30-year fixed given the information above? I have been told that because the interest rate is lower in the beginning on an ARM, that more is applied to the principal in the early years of the mortgage as opposed to a 30-year fixed where most of the payment in the early years goes towards interest. Letís say we donít decide to move away after 5 years or do turn it into a rental, better to take the chance with the ARM and refi to a fixed rate later if necessary? Or would we save more money in the long run by going with a fixed rate from the get-go? Which AR do we go with if we go that route (5/1, 7/1, or 10/1)? I appreciate your feedback on this. Thank-you.

Using an ARM to finance doesn't change what is paid towards principle. It just lowers the payment.
If were a disciplined investor and made your pmt based on the 30yr fixed rate... applying the extra towards principle.... that might still be a good strategy.

But, in my opinion, if you stay beyond the fixed period of your ARM.... you will likely lose. I just don't see rates swinging back this low again.
And certainly, if you rent the home. You will be kicking yourself for not having a fixed rate.  
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