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We purchased our home in 1994 for 300k with an un-permitted second bathroom that had been converted from a closet.  It was no big deal at the time.  We just purchased as-is and it's worked great.  But a  years or so ago we had an Appraiser come by when we were trying to re-fi.  They said the second bath would have to be ripped out if we wanted the loan.  The home is not estimated between $765k and $1.1MM - Zestimate $920k.  And we owe only 95k and the interest rate is 4.625%.  Anyhow - I have no intention of ripping out the bath.  If the place burned to the ground the land underneath is worth $300 - $400k. My loan provider Wells Fargo used to have a program where they could re-fi without the appraisal but no longer.  Any other means we could get a short term mortgage like 10 years with a lower interest rate given our situation??  Thanks!  No problem if not.  Just always looking for ways to keep more money in my pocket.

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It looks like the obvious solution, makes the most sense.  Just go and file the addition with the County.  If the bathroom is un-permitted, then the appraisal issue will always come up, when you go to refinance in California.  And, if you ever sell the property, the appraisal issue will come up, and potentially ruin the escrow for your buyer.  The point is, home loans have gotten tougher in the last several years, and the scrutiny is as high as ever.

Don't look for a short cut.  Get the permit for the bathroom addition, and you'll never have this issue come up, again.  In most Counties, it should take less than 60 days to be added to the public record of your property.  Good Luck!
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