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I am inheriting a substantial amount money soon and I want to get a mortgage on a home soon. I am not working and my credit is below average. I am willing to go as far as $20,000 for a down payment on a house that is worth $250,000 and I am wondering is that not enough or am I going to find something cheaper?

Underwriting guidelines require a steady income source (pension, social security, steady employment). Without that, I am not aware of any lender that will do a mortgage. You can buy a home and put down 5% down payment, so on a $250,000 primary home purchase, $20,000 is enough - assuming credit and income qualify as well. Please remember that when buying a home, you need to consider not only the down payment, but closing costs (1st year homeowner's insurance paid up front, escrows for taxes and homeowner's insurance, title costs, appraisal costs, etc.).
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